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03/06/2021 11:10
Collaboration with Quint Starkie in a new song called "Driving to the stars" Quint is an incredible guitarist and songwriter his album "Ghost in my heart" is a truly gem hard to find in these times of trash music....sweet and gentle sang from the heart 
03/06/2021 11:06
New single featuring Jule Wiegand on vocals "You Look Just Like A Girl Again " written by Danny O'Keefe
04/03/2021 10:52
  I have always been a fan of film noir ... this is a small tribute to those times so elegant so glamorous ... in my opinion the best was the 40s and 50s .... many artists were seduced by film noir .... a concept album that I love is Mark Winkler's Tales Of Hollywood a masterpiece .......
05/01/2021 10:48
Now available on all the digital stores DOMINICA  Remastered Max  Vocals  Songwriter Claudio Bazzari   Guitar Mario Botti Caffoni   Guitar Stefano Pulga   Rhodes Massimo Spinosa  Bass Walter Calloni    Drums Rossana Casale  Background...
09/09/2020 14:57
Collaboration from the archives by Desolation Angels Records  New single on every digital stores
21/08/2020 15:39
New EP Canyon Drive  5 tracks  Out 8-20-2020
30/06/2020 10:13
Desolation Angels Records will publish in a few days never released remastered singles in digital format available on all the digital store
05/02/2020 10:20
Music for Dreams a Denmark label published tis compilation including the song "C'è una donna sola "  written by Max and recorded in Germany produced by LaBionda  under the nickname Massimo Stella   
27/11/2019 10:51
08/10/2019 16:30
Out October. 10/21/2019 ,,,,,pre-sale on ITunes store from 10/14/2019
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